• Weddings & Functions, Fleur de Lys

Wedding Costs

Reception fee

Up to 50 guests R15 000

50-90 guests R20 000

91–120  guests R22 000

121-150 guests R24 000

151-170 guests R26 000

171-180 guests R28 000

Per additional guest up to 200 maximum quoted additionally

Wedding Ceremony fee

Ceremony Fee for the ceremony being held inside or outside the venue

R3500 with additional R500 when extra carpets are requested

Breakage Deposit

Refundable deposit required to cover any damages, breakages and contingencies R 2000

Tab Deposit

A cash bar or a “tab” can be run, a deposit for the required tab amount needs to be paid with other charges and fees before the wedding date.

Credit card facility is available.

All bar items are supplied by Fleur de Lys Barn Venue.


Within fourteen days after the wedding, any amount of the tab deposit or the breakage deposit that  remains unused by the end of the wedding reception, will be refunded by EFT.